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Vocals and Cello


Music has captivated me from a very young age.  As my mother tells it, I started singing before I could talk (my debut singing “downtown”  with Petula Clark in the back seat of the family station wagon).  As such, my mother became my first music teacher, and pushed me to start singing at our church from age 4 onward.  When I was 5, I saw Charlotte Harris play the cello on the Lawrence Welk show and instantly fell in love. Growing up in a school without an orchestra, it was only many years later that my parents were able to purchase a cello (and afford lessons) for me. When I was 15, my mom saved up enough money for me to attend music camp at Lebanon Valley College.  It was there that I met Laurie Haines Reese, whose skill and creativity and love of music was unlike any I had ever seen. I wanted to learn all I could from her, and forfeited a scholarship to study cello with her.

Music has the incredible quality of being an outlet for creativity, beauty, emotion and connection with ourselves and each other. It reaches deep inside us and gives voice to the things of life where words fail.  It is a conversation, and I feel that making music is one of life’s greatest gifts. It is my great pleasure to be a part of this very talented trio.

In addition to playing with Abigail’s Garden, I also enjoy singing (and playing) the songs of the great american songbook for audiences young and old!

As the daughter of artist M.J. McFalls, I am the resident visual artist of Abigail’s Garden. I am currently drafting the artwork for our upcoming album. Samples soon available!



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