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Well, we have been Abigail’s Garden for about a year now…Doesn’t feel that long (for sure!) with our many other life responsibilities, but it felt like time for a quick review. So, here are a few Notes from the Garden. I think I’ll share a little about recording since we’re … almost done!!! If you have ever been through this process before, you know that it’s, well, a loooong process!

Here’s what our Mondays have been like for many months: we show up at Laurie’s around dinner time (armed with delicious low carb eats) as she has all the good recording stuff and is quite expert at figuring it all out. She often records a bass line first, or we create a “scratch” track that we listen to as we record. It has a click track — which makes it hard if you want to slow down, speed up or change time signatures midstream!

Next comes adding each voicing which means playing through each song like a million times — since I provide music for ukulele, piano and violin (and a little viola and percussion, AND some vocals), I end up laying down many tracks of melody, then harmony; maybe a solo if I’m really brave and then any extra parts we might want for each instrument. Then, Ashley and Laur do the same. Add a little Tom on flute in for good measure, mix it all together and see what we can use in the end!

Next, is lots of careful listening and reshaping the “waves” of sound to see which parts we like, adding more fill, changing volumes, getting rid of yuk sounds and out of tune notes, redoing solos etc. For example, in Boda Waltz, we re-recorded the beginning (many times!) and slowed down the whole song by turning the tempo down on the computer!  Then Laur adds reverb (love that part!) and something to make us sound like we have twice as many musicians and mic’s and Voila…we have hopefully a happy and healthy song!!

I have written six of our songs on this album, and Ashley and Laurie have each written one. Now, we have to decide how to duplicate it….

Do you guys buy CD’S, stuff on iTunes or a flashdrive?? So many choices! Well,  we’re really excited to get it all put together and get it out there for you to hear. That’s it for now; next topic, the lowdown on different flavors at different venues!!

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Our Recording Adventures!

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