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  • Watering Trough Wednesday!

    Watering Trough Wednesday!

    Hello dear friends — Abigail’s Garden will be playing at the Watering Trough, located on Main Street in Mount Joy, PA, next Wednesday, April th from 5:30 to 8:30 pm.  We hope to see you there! We will be singingRead More »
  • Pressroom tonight!

    Pressroom tonight!

    Come see Abigail’s Garden tonight — March 22, 2017 — at the Pressroom Restaurant in Lancaster, PA. Wednesdays are usually jazz night at the Pressroom, but Abigail’s Garden will be there tonight. We don’t play jazz, we play and singRead More »
  • Our Recording Adventures!

    Our Recording Adventures!

    Recording adventures! Well, we have been Abigail’s Garden for about a year now…Doesn’t feel that long (for sure!) with our many other life responsibilities, but it felt like time for a quick review. So, here are a few Notes fromRead More »
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Tish Haines Brown

My fascination with music began when I was 8 yrs old with listening to my brother play the piano. As with most things in life, I decided I needed to do that, too! Piano lessons progressed to viola lessons, orchestras,

Photo of Ashley

Ashley Jane McFalls

Ashley Jane McFalls Vocals and Cello   Music has captivated me from a very young age.  As my mother tells it, I started singing before I could talk (my debut singing “downtown”  with Petula Clark in the back seat of the

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Laurie Haines Reese

Visit Laurie’s website at to learn more about Laurie. FacebooktwitterHatenaPocket


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